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Dev Concepts Volume 2: What Clients Need

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Do you want to build the best possible product for your clients?

Do you want to get started with User Experience and have a clear understanding of the most important concepts?

Do you hate wasting time building features that nobody cares about?

Do you want to learn about techniques to uncover what your clients really need?

Are you curious about the difference between a Minimal Viable Product and a Minimum Lovable Product?

You've come to the right place!

This volume of the Dev Concepts collection explains everything you need to know in order to understand what clients really need, and how to build products that they'll LOVE ❤️. Turn your next project in a wonderful experience for your clients!

This is the 2nd volume of the Dev Concepts collection.

Key features of this volume

  • Learn about requirements as well as techniques to discover and capture them, while avoiding major pitfalls

  • Discover User-Centered Design, the Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) theory, and how to build the right things

  • Dive into User Experience Design and learn about user research, personas, usability, ergonomics, UX/UI design patterns, and more!

  • Learn about Minimum Lovable Products, Design Sprints, and specifications

Content description

This e-book explains the most important concepts to know about in order to clearly understand your clients and uncover the essence of what they need. Why? Because it's the only way to be able to build the right thing.

This volume explores various related concepts: requirements, User-Centered Design, Design Thinking, User Experience Design, the Jobs-To-Be-Done theory, MVPs, and many more ideas that will help you to better approach software development projects.

This is for you if...

  • You want to know what 15 years into the field have taught me about understanding what clients need

  • You want to build the right things for your clients and make them happy

  • You want to deliver top-notch experiences and be proud of your creations

  • You don't know the first thing about requirements, specifications, User-Centered Design, and User Experience Design, and would like to get a good understanding of what they're all about

  • You want to explore a different area of IT, and understand what business and functional analysts do


The outline of this volume is available here:

About the Dev Concepts collection

Dev Concepts is a collection of 12 e-books that cover every aspect of software development.

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Dev Concepts Volume 2: What Clients Need

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