Dev Concepts Volume 3: Software Architecture

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This e-book explains everything you need to know about IT Architecture. To avoid time-consuming disasters in project planning and execution, you need a good understanding of key concepts in IT & software architecture. Use this volume to learn how to devise simple but brilliant solutions to complex problems.

This is the 3rd volume of the Dev Concepts collection.

Key features of this volume

  • A guided tour of software architecture

  • Learn about Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, Information Architecture, Data Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture, and Security Architecture

  • Explore the key software architecture patterns

  • Decode data challenges that all organizations face

Content description

This e-book explores IT architecture. Once you have accumulated enough understanding about the requirements, you need to create IT solutions that efficiently solve the problems.

Before diving into design and code, you need to get in the shoes of an architect and devise solutions. Software crafters are not necessarily architects, but they should at least understand what architects do and should be able to provide useful input to them.

Sometimes, you’ll also have to play the role of the architect (e.g., in small startups) and when that happens, you need to know what needs to be done to avoid disasters. Here, we'll explore some key ideas about IT architecture in general and software architecture in particular.


The outline of this volume is available here:

This is for you if...

  • You want to understand software architecture

  • You want to know what 15 years into the field have taught me about IT and software architecture

  • You want to become a software architect

  • You want to make the right choices for the data architecture of your projects

About the Dev Concepts collection

Dev Concepts is a collection of 12 books that I'm working on, and that will cover every aspect of software development.

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Dev Concepts Volume 3: Software Architecture

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