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Who is this for?

  • You want to learn how to organize your personal knowledge
  • You wonder how to take smart notes
  • You want to remember more of what you read
  • You want to improve your knowledge management skills

If concepts/acronyms such as PKM, SecondBrain, Zettelkasten, Evergreen notes, and Digital Garden make you curious, then you've come to the right place!

It is well-known that our memories are not reliable. To store and organize knowledge bases, we need digital solutions to help us. But that's not enough. To keep things manageable over time as our knowledge base scales, we need clear techniques and methodologies.

Note that this product is included in the Knowledge Worker Kit.

What is this?

I've been passionate about information, knowledge management, and PKM for more than 20 years. As a knowledge worker, author, blogger, and entrepreneur, I needed solutions to store and organize an enormous amount of information.

Over the years, I've explored, used, and advocated many different tools: old-school wikis (e.g., MediaWiki, TiddlyWiki, DokuWiki, Confluence), note-taking solutions such as Evernote, Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, Okular, Zim, and many more.

Recently, the Personal Knowledge Management space has evolved a lot with the rise of tools such as Notion, Obsidian, Roam Research, LogSeq, and others. Those have drastically changed the knowledge management landscape and brought us the opportunity to manage knowledge much more efficiently, and to truly create ourselves a second brain, or digital garden.

During most of 2021, I've done extensive research and curated a ton of information and links about the Personal Knowledge Management space. I've now regrouped all of this inside of a Notion space.

It is now a solid database of the best resources you can find on the subject around the Internet

Each and every week I add new resources to this Notion space: articles, blogs, books, courses, tools, videos, etc. This includes the content that I publish myself on the subject and my weekly newsletter.

What you will get

Here, you can buy lifetime access to my Notion space, and get regular updates; either for you personally, or for your team.

What's included?

  • A list of 290+ tools
  • Links to 350+ articles
  • Links to 145+ videos
  • A list of 90+ books about learning, thinking, writing, note-taking, journaling, neuroscience, psychology, stoicism, etc
  • Links to 225+ sites & blogs
  • A list of 75+ Youtube channels
  • A list of 90+ courses
  • A list of 90+ newsletters
  • A list of 40+ podcasts
  • A list of podcast episodes
  • A list of 70+ communities and forums
  • A list of ~2K PKM leaders, influencers, and enthusiasts
  • A list of 50+ starter kits and templates
  • A list of 100+ Twitter hashtags to follow
  • A list of 80+ topics and links to relevant articles, books, videos, etc
  • And more!

I will keep adding to the Notion space, and I'll continue contributing information for the whole community.

You'll also get lifetime access to the Personal Knowledge Management community for support and knowledge sharing.


If you're not 100% satisfied, then just let me know, and I'll issue a full refund. I'll only ask one question: what can I do to improve the product.

If you think about asking for a refund, then consider reaching out to me with your issues, questions, and remarks. I'm always available and happy to help. My goal is to help you succeed.

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Personal Knowledge Management Library

16 ratings
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