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Dev Concepts e-book - Progress update #1

Since November 11th, when I officially launched this project, I've been hard at work.

First I wanted to create a SOLID roadmap for the project, so I've spent around 50 hours (no kidding) on the outline. That took me a while, but now I have a path to follow. Also, that path is logical and will benefit all the readers. Thanks to that, I'll be able to explain everything, step by step, while covering many ideas and concepts.

Once I was done with the outline, I published it on the official Website of the e-book. You can find it here: If you look at it, you'll see that there's going to be a LOT of content. So far, I've estimated the page count to ~1200, which is simply huge. This will be EPIC ;-)

Then, I immediately dived into writing (after a well deserved end-of-year break). As of today (January 16th), I wrote about 85% of the first part of the book and already reached 80 pages.

This first part is dedicated to the software craft. It is a subject that is really near and dear to my heart. In it, I explain what the software craft is all about, how it differs from "coding", and cover all of the crucial skills that software crafters should have. Moreover, I also share many tips and tricks that I've learned over the years; both about software development, professionalism, and productivity.

Once I'm done with part 1, I'll start the part about "What clients need". I'll tell you more about that one in the next progress update!

Building publicly

If you follow me on Twitter, then you might already be aware of this, but I'm building this project in public. It means that I'm regularly sharing inner details about the work I'm doing, the rationale behind choices that I make (e.g., design, pricing, marketing, etc).

You can find the "insiders" updates over at Indie Hackers:

I also stream my writing sessions on Twitch and/or Youtube. I already did two such sessions and plan on doing so more regularly. During those sessions, I'll be available to discuss, and answer questions, but I'll mostly focus on writing the book, of course ;-)

That's it for today!

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